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​​The Vineyard is an association of churches sharing the same values and vision. We want our Christianity to be simple, relevant, practical and supernatural...No hype...No manipulation. We want to say "yes" to Jesus while saying "no" to religion.

There is no single Vineyard. We are a local expression of a national and international association of over 500 churches meeting in gyms, church buildings, converted industrial buildings and store fronts. The Vineyard is now in 29 nations.

Each Vineyard is unique, yet all Vineyards are like-minded in their approach towards God. We are people from all walks of life - professionals, homemakers, students, tradesmen, singles and families. We are committed to living out a Biblical faith in the context of contemporary society.

  • We want to know God in a way that makes sense.

  • We want to experience His power in our lives.

  • We are looking for practical, scriptural answers to everyday problems.

  • We want our children to see that knowing God can be a great experience.

  • We are looking for meaningful relationships with other.

  • We want to be instruments for bringing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wholeness to hurting and wounded people.

We want to be real and not religious, intimate and not isolated, an army and not just an audience.​


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